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     Dial in those zero's and practice, practice, practice. This one day class will teach you how to zero in your rifle optic or iron sights. Students will begin at 50 yards and work their way to 1000+ yards. Using the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, students will shoot from different positions (standing, kneeling, prone) using their range bag, shooting sticks or from the shooting bench with the assistance of sand bags or a sling. This class is limited to two students per session and may also be scheduled as a private session if needed.  

    Class time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    What does my class fee include?

    Firearms safety review

    You will be coached as needed to ensure that you apply the fundamentals of marksmanship


    Range fee and targets

    Data book

    Water, sports drinks

    Box lunch (sandwich, chips, fruit ect.)

    Confidence in your ability to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship when it counts!


    What will I need?

    Safe and positive attitude

    Rifle that will shoot 1 MOA or smaller

    Optic or Iron sights

    Minimum 200 rounds (140 for pre-qualification) (60 of the actual ammo intended to be used while hunting)

    Range bag, shooting sticks, or sling

    Long pants, closed toe shoes, ball cap

    Cleaning kit


     Before my Elk Hunt of a lifetime in 2016, I never took a shot over 150 yards. With only two shooting sessions with Rey Rodriguez of Delta Range 93, my rounds found center mass on the target at 200, then 300 yards. When the guide gave me the distance before giving the OK, my confidence level from working with Mr. Rodriguez could have never been better. From 325 yards away, my trophy fell where he stood. Learning from expert instruction made all the difference. Thank you, Rey for Delta Range 93!! Jerry De La Rosa 

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