two day & super-combo classes

Combo class

This two day class was designed with the new shooter in mind. Using the crawl, walk, run method, students will learn about various types of handguns and how to disassemble and reassemble each of them. 
Day one:
Students will attend the Learn To Shoot Class: 3.5 hours of classroom instruction and practical application. 1.5 hours of range time.
We will cover ammunition choices, firearm safety, handgun maintenance, shooting positions, along with the basic fundamentals of marksmanship.
Students will then meet at a local indoor shooting range to practice with their instructor.
After completing this class, students will have fired and passed the TX. LTC Proficiency test and will be armed with the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ATTITUDE (KSA's) required to own and SAFELY handle a firearm.

Day two:
Day one students will return to the classroom for the Texas License To Carry class. (5.5 hours of classroom instruction).  Students who attended the Learn To Shoot Class and passed the Tx. LTC proficiency test from day one will be dismissed after passing the written exam.  All other students will break for lunch and prepare for the range. 
Students will recieve their chl 100 completion certificate and will be dismissed after they pass the shooting proficiency test. 
Class Schedule:
Classroom Instruction: 
3.5 hours
Range time:
​1.5 hours
Range materials:
Handgun (32 caliber minimum) 
We also offer handgun rentals for $38.00 which includeds 50 rounds of ammunition
100 brass cased rounds 
Eye and ear protection (included with your $17.00 range fee)
Two magazines
Handgun cleaning kit

What to bring:

A Safe & Positive Mind-Set:
Safety is the most important attribute in marksmanship. Without it, bad things can happen to good people. Our classes are fun and relaxed but not to the point where someone can get hurt, so bring your A-GAME.
Note-Taking Materials:
Please keep all cell phones on vibrate/silent. If you need to take a call during class, do so outside of the classroom.
Feel free to bring a snack.  


My husband and I took his class together and let's say I was very impressed. Rey was a great instructor and very professional. He took the time to work closely with me on making sure I was handling my weapon correctly. I highly recommend using his services, especially women who may be apprehensive about firing a weapon. Rey is also very knowledgeable about the gun laws of Texas and I loved how he used different scenarios that we may encounter to help us properly determine when and when not to use our weapon. Again, highly recommend!

I went in for the Learn to Shoot Class followed the next day by the Licence to Carry Class. I know I had wonderful training and feel confident and not so frightened about handling and operating my weapon. Ray is a wonderful teacher and is very knowledgeable about guns of all kinds.

Just a quick email to thank you for your patience with me at the range on Saturday.  Hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but you did a fine job. Enjoyed the class and your instruction was first class.
Best regards.
​March 15, 2016"

​Although I've consulted Yelp! reviews in the past I've never been inclined to write one until now.  My girlfriend (first time shooter) and I (relatively new to handguns) recently took the NRA Basic and CHL classes at Delta Range 93.  We could not have had a better experience.  Rey Rodriguez is not only extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter but he conducts classes in a manner that keeps the students engaged.  He makes classes fun and interesting.  He's very patient and not condescending in any way.  I look forward to returning soon for more training."
Sam W.

Combo class FAQs

Q.Do I need to own a handgun prior to taking the class?

A. No, we have handguns that you can rent for $38.00. All handgun rentals include one 50 round box of ammunition.

Q. Can we use re-loaded ammunition?


Q. How much is the range fee?

A. Students are required to pay their own range fee of $17.00. The range fee includes eye & ear pro, and one target.

Q. Can I use steel ammunition?

A. No. 

Q. Will this class arm me with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude needed to become a RESPONSIBLE gun owner?


Super-Combo class

The Super-Combo class is exactly that. Both the LTS & LTC classes are held on the same day and cover a lot of material.

This class is limited to six students and fills up fast!

The Learn to Shoot class (LTS) is from 7am-10am. 

The TX. License to Carry class (LTC) is from 10am-4pm.